Tony Forster (Anthony D. Forster)

1941 – 2008

Astley by Tony Forster for Letraset in 1984

Tiranti Solid by Tony Forster for Letraset in 1986

Willow by Tony Forster for Letraset in 1990

Tony Forster was born in 1941 in Warrington, Lancashire. He didn’t have any formal design education, but started work at sixteen as a junior designer at Artel Studios in Manchester. He had a long association with Keith Murgatroyd, forming FC & M Design Partnership with him and Wendy Conibear in 1976 and becoming a director of Royle/Murgatroyd Design Associates in 1980. He went on to work as creative director at Drawing Board in Manchester until 1995, and was also very committed to education and taught at many colleges including Bolton (where he taught for many years), Newcastle, Doncaster and Stockport. In 1997 he reformed his design practice, working from a studio in his house in Tyldesley, Manchester.