Welcome to "Bob's" sound holes:
More Fun Than You Really Wanted.

Press your ears against "Bob's" holes and see what sounds come out!

(For modern SubGenius sounds, hear THE HOUR OF SLACK weekly radio show.)

"Bobs" holes are stuffed full of sound files. These are mostly in the wav format which your web browser and system software should handle automatically. If you are still having trouble try the free quicktime player.
You will also encounter some musty old realplayer files. your results may vary! but you can use the musty old realplayer or the shiny new free RealOne Player from real.com

PRAISE The Really Rather Rancid Rev. Error! For this mighty SubGenius has, by remote control, from merry Warwickshire, England, TOTALLY RENOVATED an abandoned section of SubSITE that had long lain fallow: the SMALL, DOWNLOADABLE SOUND CLIPS vaults, previously called "THE EARS OF "BOB"" when under Rev. WanDarer in years past.

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Hole 1

The Howll hole

Hole 2
The Dirty Dogma Hole

Hole 3
The Black hole

Hole 4
The Blowhole

Hole 5
The Hole of The Future


Hole 6

The Mechanically Recovered Meat Hole

Hole 7
The Hole of Wandarer

Hole 8
The Hungry Hole

Hole 9
The X-Hole

Hole 10
The Hymn Hole