Hole 1

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Hole 1

The Howll hole

More fun than you really wanted

Lots of Dr. Howll ranting and other deeply satisfying Churchly earsplit
poke me
Prod one of "bob's" holes and hear the sounds come out
Alt click the hole or drag it into your download manager window to download

A revelation regarding the true name of 'Bob'. Terry Martin & Daniel Penz From a dialect tape of the Scarborough Faire Performing Company.
"Uncontrolled thinking, controlled by 'Bob'" from Media Barrage 10
'Bob' Thrice From the Hour Of Slack.
"I smell the conspiracy..." From ZBS adventures
"...I told you did I not" From ZBS adventures
The Subgenius Salute


with Dr. Howll and Puzzling Evidence (on Media Barrage 12)

"How can we tell whether our friends are ready to talk the path of Dobbs?..." Dr Howll
"Slit the throat rather than mention sludge!" Dr Howll
"Good morning and welcome to the SubGenius Devotional Hour..." Puzzling Evidence
"Oh My God, is this for real? No, it's just a tape..." Puzzling Evidence
"Don't look down..." Dr Howll and Puzzling Evidence
"Now as for the skin we know these creatures have an integument of feathers or of cheese..." Dr Howll and Puzzling Evidence
"Look guy you're plugged directly into the show here..."
"They brought us here in a van. You know there gonna take us back in one too." Puzzling Evidence poke me
Dr Howll and the green energy archons poke me
"Listeners are expendable" Puzzling Evidence poke me


These next nine from "MORE THAN AN HOUR, LESS THAN A SHOW" all fit together
Just like a jigsaw puzzle except for the complete lack of little cardboard pieces

"Wasn't he that astronaut who disappeared a couple years ago?...
"I could talk about quantum mechanics..."
"A particle and a wave here..."
"Ah those glistening listeners would never understand..."
"Eh doctor?... what is it really like down on that seventh level?..."
"I suppose it's just as well..."
"Tell us what the theme of tonight's show..."
"There's that creature again..."
"Yes they can go backwards and forwards in the same time..."


More Oddments

G. G. Gordon at the '92 Chicago World SubGenius Convention: "..Just might save your brain and your soul and your mental life for the next ten million years..."
Beware the following may trigger the subliminal implant code"The message is now registered in your subconscious mind..."
An advert for The 'Bob' Dobbs Classic Meerschaum by Rev. DK Jones and Rev. Ivan Stang
A snippet of Gosp-Hell music from the "The Walk Ins"... as heard on 'Bob's' Earwax
Only The finest Bulldada as heard on the Hour of Slack
Hellpope Huey: "Wish you were a genius but feel like only a SubGenius?"
"What is the Law ?...."
"You can plant Bob and it will grow into a beautiful tree!"
Stang tells you where you used to be able to send the money
Much of Hole 1 was digitized by Dr. Zachary Carleton from SubGenius Media Barrage tapes
and HOUR OF SLACK shows. Rev. Eyre Rend converted them into WAVs.

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