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You Are Here: The Art Mines

"I hate to use the "A" word, but..."
-- The Sexecutioner, GWAR

Above: "Bobskull: Beware" by Espira

Most of this art was posted on the SubGenius binaries newsgroup, alt.binaries.slack, where the crazed sleepless SubGenii ply their black arts.

NOTE: If you're looking for a plain DobbsHead, see HERE. Remember however that it is a registered trademark belonging to The SubGenius™ Foundation.

If you want to become world-famous and rich by having your amazing works of art or digi-video displayed here, HELL, just email it to ye olde Sacred Scribe, Rev. Ivan Stang ( Just go easy on us and don't send a ton of megs at once... it clogs our tubes.


We're closing in on Tunnel #26 after getting sidetracked for a few years, but in the meantime here is an amazing gallery of SUBGENIUS COMIC BOOK COVERS by Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw -- which doubles as a portrait gallery of real SubGeniuses!

Above: "Why Not... Uh..." by Heart Ignition


If you've seen everything in the newer and older Art Mine tunnels, venture into: