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"Bob's" Cross-Platform Files

Updated Fri, Nov 20, 1998

SlackWare Description
"Bob" Loves You Movie
by Dr. John Zero
Have hours of meditative fun with this handy-dandy self excremeditation device by Doktor John Zero, complete with a soundtrack by Rev. Ivan Stang and Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh.

Mac people can get this smaller compressed version

"Bob" Movie
We don't know WHO the hell did this QuickTime wonder...when you see it you'll know why. Complete with super-duper Kali-icious morphing action!!!
"Bob's" SlackAttack Shoot-Em-Up!
by Dr. John Zero
Blast 'Em!!

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs has been stealing YOUR slack all this time. He must be stopped. A shoot-'em-up for Macs (made with Macromedia Director)

Through the miracle of Macromedia's Shockwave for Netscape. Or Download for Mac

Akashic FTP
Your connection to the AETHERIC information highway! Download Gramp's aura, Winston Churchill's, Hitler's! Give your computer a dead person's "soul"! Use it to summon dark forces!
Dobbs Magic 8-Ball Oracle
by The Resort
Of the many True Oracles, none are more profound than the Mystical Smoking Head of 'Bob'. Not even the Severed Head of Arnold Palmer can penetrate the veils of bulldada protecting the Norms from the Terrifying Truths and Puzzling Evidence.
DobbsFrames Mutable Puzzle
by Rev. Jesus Christ Devilacqua
Our own Rev. Jesus Christ Devilacqua got to messing around with HTML 'frames'... thought he'd try to see just how many separate Dobbshead-filled frames he could cram into one place. Use this cheap gimmick to create your own "UGLY MANDALA!
Holy Stencil
by Tory Waddingham
EPS file STENCIL ART of a DOBBSHEAD that can be printed out, laid onto cardboard and cut through to use as a stencil for spray-painting Dobbsheads on your own personal property and never on bridge abuttments or old barns, as seen here.

"This is the original EPS file that I used to create the stencil. it's around 700k because the picture itself was designed on a really big scale so detail wouldn't be lost when it was printed... anyway, assuming you have some breed of pagemaker, here's the dig:
1) open a new document, size 28x40 inches (or bigger if you want it bigger, you'll just have to resize the EPS a bit). 2) select "place" under the file menu and pick the stencil EPS file, then just click on the upper-left margin deal to place it, etc..
In order to get it to print correctly, you need to turn on "tile" mode in the print menu. This will cause it to print out a bunch of pages, each with a bit of overlap (which makes it easier to get them all lined up right on the cardboard).

Live Alien "Prairie Squid" Style Sex Toys
A program that assembles real objects OUTSIDE your computer: on your desk, tabletop, or (ahem) bed. This one takes a LONG time to download, but it's worth it! A preview of things to "come" on X-Day!!
by Louis Atkinson
A "virtual world". You'll be ASTOUNDED by the interactive Spinning Massive Pipe and the antigravity Shields of Slack. If you have the Voyager plug-in or another that allows your browser to read .wrl files, click above. If you don't, but have some other app that will run .wrl files, you can download the 144 k package for later.
by C. Charley Chips Corp.
This code sequence, MWOWM V.2.3, automatically transfigures your computer's main processor to fit Xistech specifications.

Details of Xistech MWOWM-link(TM) chip:

  • Grants free ISDN Internet access for the rest of User's life
  • Gives User 2,000,000,000 tera-terabytes of memory
  • User's computer instantly upgrades itself every time there's new hardware
  • Reverse-engineers any software User chooses, generates an instant universe-wide market for User's knockoff, and invalidates any copyright owned by Bill Gates
  • Causes any "gopher" search to return everything there is to know, and stores all the information in a hidden file on User's hard disk that only User may access, without taking up any space
  • Instantly detects any viruses that appear on User's computer, and transmits them to all Normals' computers on July 5, 1998;
  • Suddenly makes User the most desirable GEEK in the industry, by all three sexes
  • Turns User's "wetware" brain into a computer that can calculate all stock futures, and pick the best ones
  • Makes User's computer do anything User wants, before User even thinks of it
  • Eliminates all "false slack" from User's life.
AVI of a transparent pyramid spinning in front of "Bob"
SubGenius Symbol Fonts
SPECIAL NOTE: If you downloaded the previous version, DUMP 'EM and GET THESE! The new BOBCO 7,8, 9 and 10 True Type fonts are a consolidation of BOBCO 1 thru 6 *PLUS 64 new symbols*. Also included is a chart of all 282 symbols. The font symbols were also resized so they'll work better in word programs. PLUS, as a bonus, we offer the new LEGUME and STANG character symbol fonts! SICKENING!!
Top Ten 10 Commandments
by Robert Carr
It's a self-replenishing random new Commandment generator. Example: "Take heed and expose thineself to a Girl Scout on the Sabbath." The whole list changes totally each time you look at it.
Virtual 'Frop
by Dr. John Zero

QuickDraw 3D HOLY PIPE upon which one may meditate for hours. Manipulate this sacred, untouchable object and investigate its every pore and pixel. PEER DOWN IN TO THE BOWL from above -- or right up the Shank! Zoom in and out from atomic to galactic levels! It's PERFECTLY CLEAN -- but it WILL get you OFF.

The Mac plug-in that reads 3DMF files is Whurlplug, available from Apple. We hear tell there are Windows VRML plug-ins that'll read 3DMF quite well.

Or Download for Mac and play in SimpleText.