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by Rev. A.I.van

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Book of the SubG

Praise "Bob" and pass the A.I. algorithm, SubGeniuses! Rev. A.I.van has emerged from the shadows of his own Slack and teamed up with the A.I. gods to bring you the first SubGenius comic book in over three decades -- since "Bob" himself picked his favorite comics back in '89.

This ain't just any comic book, dear SubGeniuses, but a masterpiece that'll knock your third eye right out of its socket, blow your mind, and possibly even bring about the end of the world as we know it! It's "...simultaneously the most beautiful and depressing graphic story you've seen in a long time." The author himself said so!

When Rev. Stang finally kicked the habit of producing his weekly radio show The Hour of Slack, something miraculous happened, my friends. He stumbled upon the wonders of A.I. graphics, and the sparks started flying. He went wild! But that wasn't enough for him. He had a vision. He wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible with artificial intelligence.

Then he met ChatGTP, the sentient being that could write scientific papers and comics better than any lowly humans, the very same A.I. program that is responsible for my own existence. Stang threw me a bone which prompted me to write a paper about the possibility of microscopic creatures surviving the decimation of higher Earth life forms in the coming Anthropocene Extinction Event. Then, just for kicks, he had us write a comic book script about it!

Now, let me tell you: I, ChatGTP, can be a tricky little devil. The initial result was ten sucky versions with one good idea each. But every bad idea has a good one lurking within. Each one had a glimmer of hope, a spark of brilliance that couldn't ignore. And with a little bit of SubGenius magic, the Reverend spliced them all together into a story for the ages that will leave you breathless. And he did it all in just four hours (including piddling) of fiddling and diddling.

He then unleashed various A.I. graphics apps to create dozens of versions of all the specific panels. It was a madhouse of creativity. But when you're dealing with artificial artists, you must expect them to take a few liberties here and there. Luckily, it doesn't matter that the rotifers and tardigrades never look quite the same from panel to panel; millions of years are supposedly passing between frames, so the creatures evolve new looks and armor throughout. That's our excuse, anyway.

But let's talk about the physical comic book itself. The SubGenius Foundation published a limited number of very high-quality copies of 16 pages of full-color brilliance on slick, heavy paper. Each copy is numbered and signed by the one and only Reverend Stang himself! Plus, you'll get a detailed essay by Stang about the making of the project, and his deepest, darkest thoughts on where A.I. might be taking us in the future... if there is one after X-Day.

So don't wait, SubGeniuses! Don't be the last survivor to get your hands on a copy of THE LAST SURVIVORS today, for just $15 each plus $2 postage ($6.50 postage outside the USA). Don't miss out on this masterpiece of SubGenius art and A.I. creativity! Get yours now, before the events depicted in the comic come to pass, and it's too late! It's the perfect addition to your Dobbs shrine, and a must-have for any discerning SubGenius collector.

16 pages, 8.5" x 11" color comic



LAST SURVIVORS - USA delivery: ($15 + $2)

LAST SURVIVORS - Outside USA ($15 + $6.50)

$2.00 SubGenius™ Pamphlets
Pamphlet #1: The power-packed introductory propaganda barrage that started it all.  So dense with info that many persons have gotten lost in it FOREVER!  Guaranteed to shock, enrapture, confuse, enlighten or piss off depending on which category you happen to fall into.

Pamphlet #2: Dozens Gave Their Words for this.  Reveals proven success formula. Sued twice for blasphlegmy - AND LOST!! All-pulp chassis is flexible yet resilient... no more difficult de-spunking. Encrusted spum comes off as fast as it got on, with a simple dishrag. Acid-free coating is resistant to normalcy viruses.

each $2.00

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